The Craft Beer Mob (CBM) is an interactive smartphone app that allows Craft Beer Mob members to track the craft beers they are drinking and earn points and perks for doing so. Unlike anything else out there, our app is LOCATION-BASED, so every action a Mob Member does is tracked at the physical location of each engagement.

Each CBM member also has the ability to create their “syndicates” or groups of people within their “organization” that take part in all their “missions”. Missions are significant because as members are chosen for specific missions, fulfilling that mission earns them a customizable “badge” which proves to all members that their mission has been complete.

Our CBM app drives craft beer drinkers to specific drinking establishments – breweries, bars, pubs, restaurants, etc. – that partake in these missions. Along with the GPS nature of our app, this is how we are able to drive traffic to your location.

With our guidance, we will help you devise a customizable “mission” for your establishment based on whatever requirements you want the mission to have. Then we’ll create a “badge” for that mission, customizable with your logo (or whatever you want the badge to display) to be sent to the Mob Members when they have completed that mission. We’ll also add your hideout to our list of participating Craft Beer Mob hideouts page based on your establishment’s location.

The best part is you don’t pay us anything until your establishment makes money first resulting from a successful mission. Talk about results-oriented marketing! There’s nothing else like the craft beer mob app in terms of affordability and effectiveness.

The time is now for you to join us. Not only will your CBM association help increase your sales, it will increase visits to your establishment and all involved will have fun in the process! Please fill out our form and we will be in touch with you shortly with details on how to make our Craft Beer Mob app work for your business

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