Introducing the Craft Beer Mob – the best way for you to drink craft beer, complete craft beer drinking missions, earn badges for your efforts, get perks, and become craft beer famous all for doing so! And it’s all entirely FREE!

The Craft Beer Mob is an interactive app that you download on your smartphone. Once you’ve downloaded the app and registered with your username (something “Mob” related if you’d like), password, and zipcode, you’re ready to start logging your craft beers and get going with your quest to become the “Mobfather”.

Once logged in, you then are able to invite friends via email, facebook, twitter, etc, all of whom become part of your “drinking syndicate” should they decide to join the Mob based on your invitation. The best thing about that is if ANYONE in your syndicate does anything on the app, YOU are rewarded with points and perks, allowing you to build your mob reputation and dominate the craft beer mob in your area.

The app is entirely GPS based, which is why everything you do gets tracked at the exact location of each engagement. This allows for different “leaderboards” in different cities and allows us to send you on craft beer drinking missions, which are designed specifically by the craft beer mob hideouts that participate on our app on a national basis.

We’ll send you your mission, and should you accept it (and complete it successfully in the time period and location specified), you’ll automatically get a badge downloaded to your account. Your status within the mob is determined by the number (and quality) of your badges and as these badges are added, you’ll status within the Craft Beer Mob organization will continue to rise.

So.. are you ready to join the Craft Beer Mob? (Remember, it’s completely FREE to do so). Please fill out the qualifying form and we’ll send you a link to download the app.

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