Via our partnership with Craft Beer Investors and the Reg.A Funding Group, the Craft Beer Mob (CBRaise money for your brewery by crowdfunding via blockchain tokenizationM) acquires and finances craft beer breweries nationwide and around the globe. If your craft beer brewery is in need of capital for any reason whatsoever, including expansion, equipment improvements or even for startup purposes, you may find a talk with us to be very rewarding.

Don’t just drink craft beer – OWN Craft Beer instead! We are revolutionizing the craft beer industry – and we’re doing it in the most unique, safe, secure and compliant manner: via Tokenization where we are essentially creating branded cryptocurrencies for the advancement of breweries nationwide AND providing an investment platform of liquidity – meaning investors can buy and/or sell their holdings through a fully regulated marketplace; previously unheard of!

We are also actively seeking to partner with existing craft brewery owners to make equity investments into their breweries as well.

Finally, if you are a beer-loving investor looking for unique investment opportunities, consider an investment into the Craft Beer Mob. Unlike many investment options that tie your money up for who knows how long, we are the only company dedicated to the craft beer industry using Regulation A Crowdfunding – providing a means of liquidity you won’t find elsewhere.

Questions? Comments? Contact us here or download info sheet here.