If you really want to have the information age meet your brewery, the Craft Beer Mob (CBM) is your answer. If you’ve ever heard of bitcoin and how tokenization will be the future of just about all businesses, you have to get involved with this new technology NOW. Its benefits are enormous! Early adopters profit the most once a technology goes mainstream, and we are at the cusp of the tokenization wave that will dominate everything!

But you’re a craft beer brewer – there’s probably a good chance that you’ve never heard of blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, or ethereum, or any other Tokenization related keyword. That’s alright, just contact us for more information and we’ll explain it to you in detail. But if you have, and you understand its impactful future, you need to signup as a “Craft Beer Mob” participating hideout so you can become part of the digital currency that tokenization can provide.

Plus there’s a crowdfunding aspect of it that allows you to raise significant money to grow, pay off bills, upgrade equipment, or do whatever else you feel may make your brewery more profitable and popular.

The time is now for you to join us. Not only will your CBM association help increase your sales, it will increase visits to your establishment and all involved will have fun in the process! There’s no fee to signup as a Hideout, so please fill out our form and we will be in touch with you shortly with details on how to make the Craft Beer Mob work for your brewery.

Once accepted, we’ll also add your hideout to our list of participating Craft Beer Mob hideouts page based on your establishment’s location.



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